Aayush Thadarai

Class: 10 ‘Alpha’

Since the very beginning of the establishment of democracy in Nepal, private schools have been playing a dominant role for producing dextirous man power for country. Among all, Buddha Public is the foremost one.
Established in 2058 B.S, undertaking billions of dreams, producing varieties of human resources and providing decent educational access; it has been contributing a lot for sustainable and overall development of nation since its establishment. Not only focusing to the theoretical knowledge but also it focuses on different dimensions such as sports, literature, dancing, singing, and so on. It has been sharpening the knowledge, internal skills and qualifications by providing numerous opportunities to the students.
Apart from this, it has been providing employment opportunities to more than 100 staffs with adequate salary fostering the economic status of an individual and nation as well. Thus, it has contributed for the expansion of HDI of Nepal too. Since its establishment, it has been emphasizing the principle of child-friendly environment.

Due to such remarkable contributions, it has got the title of ‘the best school of Devdaha Municipality.’ It is the only ISO certified school in this locality. It has been an epitome for various schools. Thus, it shall leave remarkable achievements on the days ahead.