Aryan Pandey

Class: 8 ‘Alpha’

We can see enormous and mystic tree, scientifically named F. Benjamin, here in this place. It is also called pakadi or ‘falaksha’ This tree always seems as if it is regularly trimmed. The evergreen tree has a trunk of about 82ft circumference and height about 96ft. The branches are wide spread creating circumference about 500ft. people worship its trunk calling ‘kotiyamai’ kotiya is indicated in tatil lalitbistar too. Many bizarre and mystifying aspects have been related in this tree. Birds of prey, such as vultures and eagles do not nest nor do perch here. Elephant do not go nearby, though the lush tollage of the branches is so low from the ground level.
The surrounding locality is named by the tree, pakari. The tree was used to identify direction in those days and it is a 5-minute drive from Devdaha park to south. Nobody dares to cut its branches as it is believed that something inauspicious happens if the tree is harmed. It was formed in 1880B.s,i.e, 178 years ago The tree was a source of indicating direction in those days. It is located to the east from Devedha, approximately 2kms south west from khairani in rupandehi District, Nepal is a giant and sacred tree. The locals refer it as pakadi brikshya.