Buddha public Montessori was founded in 2074 B.S. as co-educational school to create the need of quality schooling in the context of 21st century learning. Education is an asset of every individual. This fact cannot be ignored in today’s globalization world. For some decade in Nepal, the ultimate goal of education has been to be a doctor or an engineer or a technician or empower students to get a job without placing values in personal integrity. Success at any cost and by any means is misleading the entire Nepalese society. Buddha Public Montessori does not believe in providing more theoretical knowledge. We have realized that the goal should be to become a good citizen along with the context of information.
The prime goal of education should be profession oriented with humanity and ethics. Students should be responsible and accountable to the world, nation, community and family. BPM is established to address these goals. Though it is very challenging, innovative and creative; it is not impossible to achieve. BPM is being established to face the global challenges so that our students are being trained in different segments like dance, music, taekwondo, swimming, Art and craft, yoga and meditation. BPM has a culture of individual exposure to students to sound cademic environment enriched a BPM offers series of co-curricular activities for holistic personality development. The school stands one among a very few benchmarks with its high class standard. The classrooms are well equipped with teaching and learning materials with A.C, and all the necessary features required for co-curricular to take place.